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Kamusta (Hello)! My name is Camille. The owner of MASAHE Bodywork. "MASAHE" is filipino for Massage, reflecting my roots and dedication to both Massage and Bodywork.


My Story


"My Journey from Scoliosis Surgery to Massage Therapy"


That saying, "everything happens for a reason"—I truly believe it. If I didn’t have my surgery, I wouldn’t be a massage therapist. My experience with pain and feeling outcasted by this surgery, not knowing where to turn, propelled me into a journey of discovering the world of deep tissue, bodywork, and pain management. Most massage therapists do not have stories like mine, which is why they often retire young, change careers, or burn out. I, on the other hand, have paved my own way, using my pain to help heal myself and others. As I delved deeper into the massage world, I realized I couldn’t be the only one with such a story. This is why I take so many continuing education workshops to better understand anatomy, how the body works, pain, and how massage can heal the body.

Massage is a practice that’s been around since ancient times and can’t be replaced by AI or robots. The human touch can heal many things, and the power of massage therapy is fascinating when done correctly. There are so many avenues to massage therapy: relaxing, prenatal, reflexology, Thai, to name a few, but deep tissue is what captivated me.


I love my journey because who knows what I would be doing today if I weren’t a massage therapist—probably a nurse; I am Filipino, haha. But stereotypes aside, I can’t see myself doing anything else. I love this profession. I am linked to it! My beautiful scar is a reminder of a time when I hid it with my long hair, ashamed of my scar, and now it’s who I am. I embrace my back, I’m Wolverina. If it wasn’t for my scoliosis, I wouldn’t be a massage therapist. Anyone listening to my message, embrace your flaws—sometimes something special can be hiding beneath them.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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