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 "I have been a client of Camille's since 2014. I always feel like a new person after a treatment from her. She’s an expert in deep tissue massage and cupping. I try to see her every 3 weeks. I call her my healer!"

~Gigi L.

  "I have been getting massages and cupping from Camille since 2016. I have tight neck and shoulders. I use to have trouble with my knees and hips. Camille helped me tremendously. I continue to go regularly to keep myself “tuned up” and moving well.

~Susan G.

 "Camille is a hidden gem! Everyone should try her bodywork."

~Jovanni K.

"You know when you’ve found a skillful therapist. Camille takes your needs to heart and I always feel safe and listened to with regards to my body. I mainly see Camille for cupping, but she takes the time beyond that to make sure she is addressing all aspects of my body. Camille is one of a kind!" 

~Leslie B.

"I've tried other Massage Therapist throughout the Bay Area, but Camille is the BEST, by far. With the daily activities that I put my body through, at work and at the gym. I need to manage my fitness and recovery. Camille has been a vital part of keeping my body healthy and ready to go. She starts off the session by noting points of focus and makes sure any problem area are worked out. My body can feel like a wreck before I go to her and I walk out feeling like new. Even when I come in for a maintenance session, I come out even more refreshed. I highly recommend Camille to all of my friends and I'm sure they'll tell the same story. Camille is awesome!

~Sieg R.

"As a competitive CrossFit Athlete, it's always hard to find a reliable and high-quality Cupping/Massage Therapist who can tune into my body and help recover. Camille is amazing at finding the areas of most fatigue and tightness and directly relieve pain or stuck muscles to allow me to keep moving and training! Highly recommend!"

~Whittney T.

"It’s hard to find a good therapist especially when your active and have tight muscles that could use relief. I went to a few therapist before Camille and once I experienced her expertise I’ve been with her ever since. It’s been nearly 3 years+ and going strong. She always listens to your requests and she’s amazing. If I had more time I would see her 2x a month. My advise is do the cupping. Your muscles will thank you!"

~Alex C. 

"I’ve been seeing Camille consistently since 2012. Initially it was to improve recovery and to keep my mind and body performing at an optimal level. In 2016 I got into a car accident which damaged my neck, low back, and resulted in permanent nerve damage. Seeing Camille throughout this time did not stop. Thanks to Camille and her work, I’ve been able to continuously exercise and live the life I want through movement!"


~Chris M. 



"Seeing Camille was the best decision I ever made! Practicing in Aerial Arts my body ends up suffering and Camille knows exactly how to heal me. Her knowledge of how to untie a knot or where the real source of the pain is coming from is magic. Camille’s cups doesn’t only heal your aching body! Her booty cup service is my favorite when I’m going on vacation. It gives my booty the right amount of lift I’m looking for! Bottom line, Camille is Magical!!"

~Liliana D.

"Camille is a diamond in the rough when it comes to soft tissue work! The best referral I ever got was to see her! She keeps me at my best weather I'm off season or prepping for a show. I am able to grow and lean out due to her magic hands, knowledge and technique. Thank you Camille for keeping my body on point for all the stress I put it through!

~Melissa J.

"I've been a client of Camille's since 2013. She has never disappointed. Camille has a unique technique and truly cares about her client's experience. I take comfort knowing that she is very well trained, and she shows her client's the utmost respect and professionalism."

~Donna C.

"I've been coming to Camille for almost 10 years. Camille always ask's "How's the body feeling today?" And will put focus on whatever area ails you. She is excellent at what she does and makes and effort to learning new techniques as a priority, so you will benefit for a better experience. I always leave my sessions feeling completely relaxed."

~Anthony C.

"I look forward to every appointment and feel rejuvenated immediately after. The cupping that "hurts so good" targeting my tension area, neck and upper back. In my early teens, I dislocated my ankle and tore a ligament and didn't properly recover and I just dealt with the pain. After my consistent monthly sessions with Camille, I haven't felt any ankle discomfort for years."

~Brenda L.

"I have been going to Camille for over 5 years because she is the most knowledgeable and helpful Massage Therapist I've ever went to. She is an excellent diagnostician and find the cause of the pain which is not always where it hurts. I started going for long standing hip and back pain which she quickly relieved with her deep tissue techniques. I now go monthly for maintenance stretching and repair of occasional aches. I highly recomend her."

~Maxine T.

"I came to see Camille for my Chronic neck pain. After my one hour massage/ cupping,  my neck felt so much better! I legit feel like I was floating when I got off the table. I was so relaxed I wanted to get home and take a nap."

~Jessica M.

"I started seeing Camille a few years ago after I was referred by a friend who is still a client of hers. At the time she helped me work through some chronic elbow pain, among other things. After the first couple times seeing Camille, I started referring all my personal training clients to her when I thought they could benefit from deep tissue work and cupping; I've probably referred at least 3/4 of my clients to her by now. When I moved to Sacramento briefly, I tried going to another Massage Therapist and was severely disappointed. After that experience, I booked sessions with Camille any time I was in the Bay Area. Now that I'm back, I'm thrilled to resume regularly scheduled massages with her again!"

~Kasey P.

"I sit in front of my computer for work, avid traveler, and weekend warrior trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Camille helps me do just that! The cupping relieves my tension from sitting at a computer 75% of the time, helps with my circulation and even helps detox after long weekends. The massage is relaxing but oh so relieving. Whatever your goals are, Camille customizes every session specifically for your needs. I highly recommend her!

~Kaely V.

"Camille is awesome! I first came to her with very little ability to move my hand and arm due to working from home and stress. My hand would swell up at night, was numb, and would even turn purple! Now, with Camille's incredible massage and cupping techniques, she's helped relieved both inflammation and stress! My arm and hand are almost fully back to normal."

~Karla H.

"After receiving Camille's bodywork and cupping my body felt relaxed and stress free. The stretching and focused cupping has now been included in my preventative health care routine."

~Carlo H.

"Coming to Camille was the best decision ever! It was the best experience I've ever had with Massage and Cupping. She is very intuitive, and has a genuine passion in her work and providing the best experience. Camille has helped me reduce chronic pain in my upper back which helps me a lot to perform efficiently at work and at the gym. I highly recommend Camille!"


~ Dennison R.

"Camille is an amazing Therapist! Being a very active person, I have joint issues in my foot, chronic knees, hips, and back pains. When I go see her, she can look at me and see where I need work. I feel so much better every time I leave. She's small in frame, but strong and skillful in getting to areas of tightness. I always look forward to my massages. She's the BEST!"

~Tami M.

"Camille is a magic healer. Covid-19 for most of us has put a renewed focus on my health and wellness. I consider my monthly cupping and massage therapy with Camille to be an essential part of my health and wellness routine. I've got to admit, I have gone log stretches without cupping and massage and I can tell the difference. Regular cupping and massage with Camille is critical for stress relief and helping me maintain and active lifestyle. I am deeply grateful for Camille's bodywork- I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and youthful.

~Perry G.

"Amazing attention to detail. She transforms every nook and cranny of your back for the better. Wish there were 6 stars to give! Been loyal for years.

~Christine R.

"I've been seeing Camille since 2019. She has become a vital part of my body wellness routine. Her massage, cupping, and stretching helps my body be in tip top shape so I can continue to push my physical activities to new levels.

~Eric H.

"Camille is Amazing! I always look forward to my massages with her. She listens to me but is also intuitive to what my body needs to recover. Getting regular massages with Camille helps with my headaches, sore muscles, and overall well being."

~Krissy H.

"Several years ago I received a referral from my Physical Therapist to  see Camille. She focuses on my back problems and I look forward to being much more flexible and having less pain after a massage. She's very experienced with a variety of techniques which can be tailored to your needs. I really appreciate the calm, relaxing atmosphere she creates in her office. I'm delighted that she's so close to Downtown San Mateo. Camille is wonderful, easy to schedule with and you should do yourself a favor and plan to get a massage.

~Andrea E.

"I was referred to Camille by a friend at the gym. When I showed up I felt broken from over training. Camille was warm, inquisitive, and set a plan for us to work together to reset my body and mind. Her cupping and massage techniques really helped my mobility and reduced inflammation. Thank you Camille!"

~Dain C.

"After an appointment with Camille, my body feels relieved. She knows how to focus and find the area that need the most concentration to feel better and rejuvenated. Cupping is amazing! She incorporates the cups into her massage, your body leaves her office feeling amazing. I feel like I have more range of motion after a session with Camille, as well as relaxed. I always leave with less pain and have better energy. I have seen her many times for chronic neck pain, back pain, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis. I highly recommend getting cupped and massaged if you live with discomfort and pain. Thank you so much for helping me heal."

~Vince C.

"From the first time I went to Camille I knew she was different. I got relief of my neck and back pain. Now I go to her at least once a month for preventative care. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed."

~Alicia V.

"If you're in pain or looking for the most relaxing time ever than look no further. Put your trust in this girls hands she won't let you down! I've suffered from different pain and aches all my adult life and never found anyone that can find the knot with little to no detail other than telling her I'm hurting. Not to mention it is the most relaxing hour of my life. Camille is hands down the best! She will make you feel like a new person!"

~Erik H.

"Overall experience is excellent! Camille is the best at what she does. It was my first deep tissue/ cupping treatment, but she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I felt great afterwards and will definitely be going again. Highly recommend to others!!

~Justin N.

"I have been going to Camille for over a year now. Originally to help with a shoulder problem. Now I can't imagine not seeing her at least once a month. Whether you want to relax or target an injury Camille definitely has you covered. Pro tip, try the cupping!"

~Antonio B.

"My grandma and my mom introduced me to Camille late 2021. I had just had my baby and carrying her really done a toll on my body. When I went to Camille, the first thing she asked me was "How's your body feeling today and what was hurting?" She spent the whole time working on exactly what I needed. I left feeling like a brand new person! I try to go once a month and I really enjoy it!

~Nicole B.

"I've been going to Camille for 2 years now. I have been recovering from a car accident and since coming to her and with her expertise I have finally been feeling relief. Thank You Camille!"

~Keren S.

"Cupping is the BEST!"

~Cissie W.

"I've been seeing Camille since 2014 after my neighbor suggested I see her.  I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck, back and hips. Over the years it has been my pleasure to benefit from her highly skilled and knowledgeable care. Camille is kind and empathetic. I always leave my sessions with a sense of calmness and free of pain. She is thorough while working with me, explaining the benefits of her treatments. I love  the results from her cupping. Thank you for all you do to heal me."

~Linda C.

"After my hip replacement I had severe pain in my muscles disabling gait. Camille through her very consistent and dedicated work, succeeded in putting some life back into my legs."

~Lars H.

"I have been a regular client of Camille's for years she's the BEST Massage Therapist I have ever been to. Her treatments is very effective for sports injuries and chronic computer pains. She's compassionate, intuitive, and technically skilled. She understand the bodies anatomy, which makes her Deep Tissue very effective. Highly recommended!"

~Cora H

"Plain and Simple Camille has been a lifesaver for me. I went to Camille about 5 years ago. My body was a mess I was in a lot of pain. Camille knew exactly what I needed. We formed a partnership in healing. One that continues still today. Camille has a gift. Not only in her skill with bodywork, but in kindness and graciousness. Once I started working with her I knew I was in the right place."


~Irene B.

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