Massage Testimonials


"Plain and Simple Camille has been a lifesaver for me. I went to Camille about 5 years ago. My body was a mess I was in a lot of pain. Camille knew exactly what I needed. We formed a partnership in healing. One that continues still today. Camille has a gift. Not only in her skill with bodywork, but in kindness and graciousness. I am proud of her sucess. Once I started working with her I knew I was in the right place."


~Irene B.


"2 years ago, the pain I was experincing in my neck, head, shoulders, and hips became absolutely intolerable. My neighbor suggested Camille, praising her work And called her for me. Using her efficient massage and positive energy, she reduced my pain considerably. Camille has changed my life immensely, allowing me to to look foward to each day with a new perspective on life and my health."


~LInda C.

"After a hip replacement. I had severe difficulties in my muscles, disabling my gait. So as the physical therapist in my native Scandinavia didn't manage to make my muscles "come back to life again" my wife, Linda suggested I should let her local massage therapist give it a go. And so she did -sucessfully. Unlike the physical therapist back home, Camille through her very consistent and dedicated work, succeeded in putting some life back into my legs. The only disadvantage being, she is currently, some 5000 miles away. But once I return to California, I shall be back for more healing sessions with Camille!"


~Lars H, Denmark

Between sitting down for long periods of time at work and my Crossfit class I can't imagine how my body would feel without getting regular massages.


~Amanda M.

I'm so glad to have met Camille. I have been going to her for years and she has transformed my body and opened up areas of tension and congestion which has allowed me to be be pain free. Her extensive training has allowed her to help any and all the ailments I might come in with. She is always positive and continually updating her knowledge on various technqiues and methodology. She is hands down my favorite of all time Massage Therapist. If you have discomfort she will release the tension and you will leave walking taller and feeling much better.


~Karen S.

I have been working with Camille for over two years, and I am forever grateful for the many ways she has helped me with her massage treatments and body work. I've been dealing with issues in my hips, back, and shoulders. Camille makes it easy to feel comfortable, even when I'm in a lot of pain. She can go very deep, which I find most people can't, and yet with enormous sensitivity. She is incredibly gifted and knows her anatomy. I always come away from her treaments feeling better than before and I am happy to have her as someone I can trust with the knowledge that she has for massage. I highly recommend her to anybody who requires maintenance work from there sports activites, or who wants to enjoy a nice and effective professional massage.


~Jenny B

I have been a regular client of Camille's for over 5 years and she is the best Massage Therapist! I have been to. Very effective treament for sports injuries and chronic "computer shoulder." She is compassionate, intuitive, and technically skilled. She understands muscles and skeletal anatomy, which makes her Deep Tissue work super effective- she is able to hone in on the exact spot to release the muscle tension and rebalance. Highly recommended.


~Cora H.

My shoulder feels 100x better after a deep tissue massage from Masahe Bodywork by Camille! I have been waiting toooooo long for this because I'm somewhat picky about massages (and I kinda neglect myself...) and because my experiences have been mixed. I 100% recommend her, especially if you need someone experienced with athletic injuries. Camille, I can't thank you enough!!!

~Max A.