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Experience personalized sessions tailored to meet your body’s unique needs. Utilizing a diverse range of Myofascial techniques, I am dedicated to effectively alleviating my clients discomfort and enhancing their overall well-being
Benefits: Ease muscle tension. Reduce pain. Relieves pinched nerves. Increase range of motion and mobility.
  • 60 minutes $140
  • 90 minutes $185
  • Packages Avaliable
Experience targeted therapeutic bodywork incorporating specialized cupping therapy to address and relieve specific chronic pain patterns. Elevate your well-being with focused pain relief.
Benefits: Soothes stiff muscles. Improves circulation. Promotes better sleep. Helps remove lactic acid to reduce soreness. Breaks up scar tissue.
  • 60 minutes $160
  • 90 minutes $205
  • Packages Available
Facial Cupping with Scalp Massage 
Facial cupping is a non- invasive therapy that involves the use of small suction cups on the skin of the face and neck. The cups creates a gentle vacuum, lifting the facial tissues and promoting various health and cosmetic benefits. 
Benefits:  Relieves headaches/migraines. TMJ. Boost collagen production. Anti-aging, Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. Relieves sinuses.
$50 for 30 minutes

I accept Cash, Venmo, and Square payments.

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