Cupping Testimonial

"Cupping felt so good! It doesn't hurt at all! The really dark mark was sore like a bruise, but I felt a lot better! Already telling a few people about it!"






"After my first session I slept a little restless that night. I had no discomfort from the bruises. My upper body felt a little sore like after a workout. The days after I felt great!  I absolutely loved the cupping experience. And I will do it again."





"I’ve been seeing Camille for massage for 6 years. I tried cupping with massage and I’m impressed! My neck is completely free! I don’t remember her putting the cups on my neck but my neck is really smooth and free it’s never been like this. Awesome!  And cupping seem to help the massage last even longer between sessions."






"My body felt good! The top of my shoulders were sore, but they were really tight. Overall I felt really good!"


~Liliana 25




"Cupping is the BEST!! I LOVE IT!! "


~Cissie 60



"I felt so much better and so energized! With the energy I had I spent hours working around the house and slept great that night. The cups are the way to go for me!!"


~Gigi 70


"I feel pretty good! I slept great! And woke up feeling nice as well with a little energy"



~ Chris  30

"I slept amazing! I didn't want to get out of bed! I do feel looser and more awake today. Maybe cuz I slept so good. The cups on my ankles feel really great too! I've sprained my ankles so much that the mobility sucks and the cupping helps loosen them up."

~Daniel 35

" I wasn't sure about cupping, but I got injured in my left heel from soccer. And my left forearm has been having issues for awhile and cupping has really worked. I'm Impressed! In 2 days I really notice a difference. Cupping on my heel has really helped. Before I couldn't even jump off my left foot."

~Richard 50